has a new section with episode recaps from The Walking Dead.  Each week these articles are full of the best spoilers from TWD.   Make sure to check out and comment every week.



We are extremely happy to announce the complete re-launch of
For years the site has been a simple site with a list of Halloween safety rules.   We have begun to tremendously expand the site to include safety for kids, adults, parties, costumes and more.   Visit and share today! CFDs with forex

countdownWe are proud to announce the re-launch of

We are working to expand into social media and bring you more designs and options to easily add a Halloween Countdown to your site or blog.


costume-guideWe have been working on adding many new great articles on to help our Halloween fans find the best costume ideas possible.  Keep watching each week as we continue to add the most popular ideas and products for the upcoming Halloween season.    Let us know if there is a particular thing that we should highlight or discuss.

halfway-hfThings are going to start getting exciting now!  It is now Halfway to Halloween.  This means that the 2013 Halloween season is right around the corner.    Retailers are preparing for the season, fans are going to conventions and many are talking on our sites and social media about Halloween now!   Are you as excited as we are?

lodge-game-f1bWe are super proud to announce the launch of the new game Lodge Massacre at Caverns Of Blood.   This game is perfect for those who like games like Resident Evil.   There were some horrible killings at a haunted lodge and you are the one to figure out what has happened.

There is still room in the upcoming issue of Home Haunt News for YOUR home haunt!wantsomething

Home Haunt News is completely dedicated to the home haunter in the United States and Canada.

With how-to guides, make-up tips and tricks, fun party ideas, and everything else that is related to home haunting still has room for your stuff.

Reporters and Editors Wanted
We are looking for 1-2 people to help develop the best Home Haunt oriented online publication.
Would you like to volunteer to help? If so, we want YOU to be a reporter for us and help develop stories for HHN
Please let us know if you are interested. Send an email to



We are STOKED that new issues of Home Haunt News will be released on 03/13/13 at

Home haunters that have been online for years are very familiar with HHN which is the first online publication made specifically for the home haunter.

Make sure to go to the site and submit anything that you want published.

We are happy to announce the re-launch of for 2013.   With our new look we are launching sscapmany new features, activities and other great stuff in the coming months.   Sinister Space is the place for Halloween, horror, paranormal and “The rest of us” to meet.

One of the best things about the site is there are very few rules.  Talk about whatever you want as long as you respect other members.  We want you to have fun while talking about what you are passionate about.   Are you Sinister enough?


We are super happy to announce major expansions coming to Caverns of Blood.   One of our oldest sites we are working on modernizing some features (don’t worry… we will keep our classic games just the way that they are).

As we update the designs and functionality of most of the site, we are able to offer you even more evil fun.   We are working with game developers right now to bring you some really cool new stuff!   More downloads, more nightmares, more everything.

Make sure to keep checking  back.  See you at