It is getting pretty exciting throughout The Halloween Network as there are only 100 Days until Halloween.   Stores are preparing for our favorite time of year.

Halloween 2012 will be the best season ever!

We have begun to accept submissions for Ghost stories or other scary stories at 


Do you have a scary story to tell?  Something that has been passed along for generations?   A freaky experience?  Something scary happen to you?

Do you hear noises in the middle of the night?   Let us know!


Submit your paranormal tale today.


Our site is expanding to include many additional types on content including Halloween and horror oriented informative articles and tutorials.
For 13 years our fans have come to know C.O.B. for the best horror humor, online games, images, death counter and other things that make you say HUH?


We are happy to move aggressively towards bringing you the best freaky entertainment possible.


The Halloween season for 2012 is approaching.


We are working hard throughout our entire network to help make this

the BEST season ever.


We are also working on this site ( The Halloween Network ) to provide more resources to help Halloween fans find what you need.     Always feel free to contact us with suggestions… Is there any tool, site or info about Halloween that you can’t find?     We may be able to help.




We are happy to announce the re-launch of Halloween Radio just in time for preparing your Halloween props for the new season.

We are playing a large selection of Halloween music and Horror themes.    We want to play what you want to hear.

Make sure to listen today.

We are expanding Caverns Of Blood this year with many new features.     Many fans have asked us to bring back community features.

We are happy to announce the launch of the Horror Forum at COB.   This forum is set to be wild and crazy.  You will have the freedom to post, rant and have a great time.   Come over and register, post and join the party.

See you there.

We have completely re-designed Halloween News in order to implement modern features.   Make sure to visit to keep up on the most important news in the industry.

Submit your Halloween or Haunt oriented news.   We will be happy to share all related news that is relevant to the USA.

We have recently made some additions on our Halloween Countdown site.

If you are looking for certain types of countdown banners then feel free to suggest some.   We will continue to add to the selection.

Thank you for help making it one of the most used resources for a countdown to Halloween!

Since 2001, Halloween Directory has provided the Halloween community with the best resource as possible for Halloween related links.

We have completely updated our system to provide better search results, site previews and much more for the future.

Visit Halloween Directory today (add your Halloween site or blog to our listing)

We are very happy to introduce the NEW!

Almost EVERYTHING has been upgraded for modern features.  Almost all requested features have been added to the site (Even more to come).

There are so many improvements, that we understand that some of these changes may be hard to get used to (EVERYTHING is improved), however…once you get used to will love it.

Come interact at: